Week 8 in ScratchPiBot Club

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Eureka!  We have 2 ‘bots that can follow a line for 3 metres!

The boys managed to get theirs to do it first as myself and the girls were embarking on raising the height of their ‘bots IR Sensors as when they got too close to the ground – they gave faulty line detection results.

Once we done this (and made our turning strategy quite aggressive!) the girls ‘bot zig-zagged its way down their track as well.

Boys Code Girls Code
boys girls

So we should be ready to have a set of races next week and see who can push their ‘bot the fastest without losing its way.

As not everyone can be programming the computers at the same time, the other club members have grabbed some flip cams and started filming the runs so hopefully we will have some video to show you next week.

Week 7 in ScratchPiBot Club

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Both Bots have now got a pair of IR Line Sensors mounted on them 🙂

We purchased a roll of plain wallpaper lining paper and  made a couple of 3 metre runs with a black line down the middle using some insulation tape.

We tried using the same technique as the bot simulator from last week and managed to get the boys robot to steer its way down the track but it was more luck than programming.

The girls tried their robot out using the same piece of Scratch code but their robot had a different make of sensor and had a bit of trouble detecting the difference between the white paper and the black tape and weren’t so successful.

Next week, we will hopefully combine the ultrasonic sensor with the line follower and get the robot to turn around at the end of the track and come back again.