Backup your Pi

Every now and then and especially once you’ve made a very useful change to your RPi (got your wifi USB adaptor working or made it autostart into LXDE etc) then I recommend creating a backup image of your whole SD card.

On windows, the easiest way is to connect your card to your PC and use Win32 Disk Imager in read mode.
e.g Insert SD card into your computer/Card Adaptor and run Win32 Disk Imager, click on browse icon and create a new file somewhere to save your image – then click Read and the program will do the rest. šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Backup your Pi

  1. Just tried it on – took my current SD card – backed it up to PC using W32DiskImager – put new one in – (did a format on it as well just to make sure it was wiped) and then wrote the image back out again and its seems fine on my Pi. But of course I expect it won’t work when I need it to but that is the same with all backups šŸ™‚

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