Parts List for a ScratchPiBot Mk1

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Nano Wifi

Magician Chassis

HRC-04 Ultrasonic Range Finder

Pebble SmartStick (Power for RaspberryPi)


1x Breadboard

Male-Male and Female-Male Wires

IR Sensors (not yet tested)

4xAA Batteries (for Motors)

BluTak to hold things onto chassis

2.1 (or 2.5 – i forget which one it comes with) mm power socket to connect up motor battery pack to breadboard


Week 5 – ShrimpingIT Maker Club

Previously in Maker Club

The PIR Sensors have still not arrived 😦

So, we carried on using S4A, coding up on the main class computer connected to a projector so everyone could join in.

We made a simple script

When the Green Flag is pressed
….Wait until Digital Sensor 2 is pressed
….Play Drum for 0.5 Beats

and then everyone had a go at trying to get past the alarm and touch an object behind it- 3 people managed this out of 10.

So then we discussed what extra facilities an alarm needs and the first thing it needs is a arming switch, a disable switch (we used the same one) and entry and exit delays.

The club members wanted a keypad but were happy to have a hidden arming/reseting switch to start with.

We had suggestions that the alarm should sound when triggered for say 20 secs but then go silent but have a latched LED.

But we didn’t have enough time to implement this so that’s for next week.

The club members correctly identified that we couldn’t reallty use S4A for the final project but were happy with the concept that it was a good tool for prototyping.

One thing learnt from this – make sure all bits available and tested and all software installed before club commences 🙂