Using Scratch controlling Raspberry Pi GPIO Remotely

This information is largely superceded by the SID post but is still useful for experimentation

One thing that I’d completely forgotten about is that the Scratch GPIO handler program can be run with a parameter of an LAN IP address.

What this means is that you can run Scratch on your desktop of your PC/Mac/Linux machine or even another Raspberry Pi and write you code on that and get it to control the GPIO pins on your Raspberry PI remotely.

These instructions are not for beginners


run a LX terminal session on your RPi

sudo python simplesi_scratch_handler/

(replace with your main computer IP address)

Your Pi will then listen for broadcasts from your main computer and you can simply run Scratch on yoru main computer, enable Remote Sensor Connections and then your Pi will pick up any broadcasts/variable changes that you make on your main computer

MiniPiiO Protoboard for Raspberry Pi

Courtesy of Gordon Henderson

When I was up at MakerFaireUK at Newcastle, I found this great product by one of the Newcastle Makerspace people called Tony Dixon of

Gordon already reviewed this last year but I missed it.  I think is a brilliant concept and I hope that Tony gets production ramped up (or farmed out to a UK supplier) so we can all get hold of them. (At a good price of course 🙂 )  And I think that a bigger version that goes the whole length of the Raspberry Pi or just another little one tagged on would be great