20131128_223714These instructions refer to old 4 Please upgrade


The Pibrella is nice add-on board for the Raspberry Pi which consists of 3 large LEDs (Red/Amber/Green), 4 buffered outputs (OutE-F) with white LEDs to indicate their state, 4 inputs (InA-D) a built in large switch and a little piezo beeper.

Support for it has been added to the ScratchGPIO V4 developement version.

To use it, create a variable called AddOn and set its value to Pibrella in your On Green Flag event.

You can then use the usual AllOn/Off broadcasts and well as individual broadcasts for Red/Amber/Green/OutputE/OutputF/OutputG and OutputH

Also there is a special broadcast BeepXXXX where XXXX is the frequency in kHz that you want the beeper to make (The quality is very low so don’t expect Hi-Fi )

The 4 inputs are recognised as sensor values InA/InB/InC and InD and the switch is called “switch”

To control the brightness of the LEDs or the level of the outputs use redpower/amberpower/greenpower or powere/powerf/powerg or powerh.

ScratchGPIO V6 Alpha Testing

This blog is to introduce new versions of ScratchGPIO that might contain bugs or work in a different way to the normal version – so don’t use it to demonstrate ScratchGPIO to a class full of new users as it might change at anytime and not work properly.

It installs in a separate folder and doesn’t interfere with other versions

Copy the text below ( left click just before the s of sudo and drag right until all the text in the line as been selected) then right-click and select copy. Open up an LX Terminal window and select Edit and the Paste that into an LX Terminal window and run it to download the installer.

wget http://git.io/nFwadg -O isgh6alpha.sh

Once the installer has been downloaded then just type (or copy and paste the text below as before)

sudo bash isgh6alpha.sh


V6 Alpha Launched

Version =  ‘v5.3.23’ # 28June2014 NunChuck import wrapped in try except

Version =  ‘v5.3.22’ # 28June2014 PiGlow/Motor interaction bug fixed

Version =  ‘v5.3.20’ # 26June2014 NunChuck code released

Version =  ‘v5.3.05’ # 15June2014 Event detection and Triggering changed around

Version =  ‘v5.3.00’ # 11June2014 Pin trigger broadcasts

Version =  ‘v5.2.12’ # 29May14 – Changes to PiRoCon/MicRoCon motors

Version =  ‘v5.2.08’ # 23May14 – Ultra Threading for Pi2Go

Version =  ‘v5.2.07’ # 19May14 – Pibrella MotorE..H added and all motors new PWM code

Version =  ‘v5.2.06’ # 19May14 – Better Motor PWM by switching PWM pins

17May14 – 5.2.01 Major change – use much lower freq for motor PWM to improve torque at low speeds

11May14 – 5.1.41 PiDie bug fix with power

25Apr154 5.1.25  make sure all GPIO pins are turned off on program exit

21Apr14: 5.1.19 Event Triggering fixed/improved and back in.  Faster info flow from handler to Scratch as well 🙂

20Apr14:  V.5.1.17  Eventr triggering removed temp. Fix I2C issue with using normal scratchgpio PiMatrix removed temp

15Apr14: V.5.1.13 Lots of bux fixes and ADS581 support re-added

11Apr14: V5.1.04 – Change Github branch

9Apr14: V5.1.03 – More bug fix on inputs and change MotorPiTx to use output1/2 input1/2

9Apr14: V5.1.01 – Bug fix new input handling and add support for RC timing psuedo analog input

8Apr14 Input handling changed to use event triggers so no input change should be missed.  Also Out1/Out2 added for MotorPiTx

6Apr14 RasPiBot2 Added. 26Mar14 HapPi Added