20131128_223714These instructions refer to old 4 Please upgrade


The Pibrella is nice add-on board for the Raspberry Pi which consists of 3 large LEDs (Red/Amber/Green), 4 buffered outputs (OutE-F) with white LEDs to indicate their state, 4 inputs (InA-D) a built in large switch and a little piezo beeper.

Support for it has been added to the ScratchGPIO V4 developement version.

To use it, create a variable called AddOn and set its value to Pibrella in your On Green Flag event.

You can then use the usual AllOn/Off broadcasts and well as individual broadcasts for Red/Amber/Green/OutputE/OutputF/OutputG and OutputH

Also there is a special broadcast BeepXXXX where XXXX is the frequency in kHz that you want the beeper to make (The quality is very low so don’t expect Hi-Fi )

The 4 inputs are recognised as sensor values InA/InB/InC and InD and the switch is called “switch”

To control the brightness of the LEDs or the level of the outputs use redpower/amberpower/greenpower or powere/powerf/powerg or powerh.

7 thoughts on “Pibrella

      • Latest we’ve heard is Pibrella due mid-late February. At Wishtrac we’ve written a lot of teaching resources for schools using Pibrella – launching at BETT 2014 – see #WishtracPi on Twitter for more info – and Si – the Pibrella support has been fantastic thanks!

      • No problem – still work to do with getting the piezo to play a recognisable tune 🙂

        PS Always available for an personal appearance on your stand on Friday for the price of a 1st class train ticket, 2 nights in the Savoy and a decent pie and eel supper 🙂

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