Scratch on Ipad – Pyonkee

Updated 3rd Oct – connect added

We now have a Scratch clone for the IPad called Pyonkee 

This is great news at last as a lot of Scratchers only have Ipads nowadays and not desktop/laptop computers at home

I’ve managed to get it to be be used to play with ScratchGPIO by doing the following

On Ipad

Find out the Ip address of your IPad (its in wifi info button) = lets assume

run Pyonkee

select sensing blocks

press and hold down last block labelled sensor button pressed until enable remote sensor connections comes up and then click on that to enable it

(this can be a bit tricky to do but once sucessful you should see Remote Sensor connections enabled message)

On Raspberry Pi there are 2 ways of connecting your Pi to the IPad

Method 1

Run ScratchGPIO6 and make

on Green Flag
broadcast Connect

and then press Green Flag

Method 2

run LX terminal

cd scratchgpio5

sudo python

Eithre way, Your Pi should now connect to your IPad and you can now do all the normal ScratchGPIO commands on it 🙂