BerryClipDocsThis really cheap and useful board is an alternative to @drogon LadderBoard.

It has 6 LEDs, a switch and a buzzer

To use it just set the AddOn variable to Berry and then you have easy methods of accessing it

Broadcasts available
[Led1..6] [On/Off/High/Low] e.g broadcast Led1On will make first red led light up

[All] [On/Off/High/Low] e.g broadcast AllOn will make all LEDs and the buzzer come on.

[Buzzer] ]On/Off/High/Low] e.g broadcast BuzzerOn

You can use variables instead e.g Set Led1 On will turn on 1st LED
And also use Power1..6 (values 0-100) variables to vary the brightness as

There are two sensor values returned and they are called switch and switch2  (1 if not pressed – 0 if pressed)


5 thoughts on “BerryClip

  1. Hi Simon,
    I can’t seem to get the BerryClip’s buzzer working in ScratchGPIO5Plus. Tried the broadcast method (BuzzerOn adn BuzzerOff) and tried using a variable (Set Buzzer to 1/On) but without success. I’ve tested the buzzer using the that came with the board and that was fine (So my iffy soldering skills aren’t the issue). Any ideas?
    Kind Regards,

  2. Bizarre, I just did a fresh script and it worked fine, only thing i did differently was write the broadcasts all in lowercase e.g. ‘buzzeron’ and ‘buzzeroff’. I’m doing a 3-project intro to ScratchGPIO for primaries so I can get my Morse Code one finished now 🙂
    Cheers Simon!

    • Stange but switch off and on cures 99% of computer problems 🙂 JFI – all broadcasts are converted to lowercase but I use CamelCase for clarity in examples


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