This is a great value for money, mid-range robot that comes fully soldered and just requires screwing together.

PizaaaDocsIt has 2 motors, powered from 6xAA (NiMH recommended) battery pack, MicRoCon controller, Ultrasonic distance measurer, 2 IR Line Detectors and 4 pretty LEDs and a simple On/Off switch.


11 thoughts on “Pizazz

  1. Hi Simon,
    Thank you for your great site. How can you use the ultrasonic distance sensors to prevent the pizazz from running in to things?


    • I’ve jsut changed how Ultrasonic works so if you are willing to test it for me please?

      Download and install the dev version https://cymplecy.wordpress.com/2013/11/26/scratchgpio-development-testing/
      (Its puts 2 new icons on your desktop)
      Run the ScratchGPIO 5devplus icon
      Load in your Pizazz script
      Now look in sensor section – 2nd last block – click on little black down arrow and select Ultra8 and check the tick box
      You should now see the distance returned from the Ultrasonic sensor on the stage and it gets update 1/second

      If all this happens – then you can then use that sensor value in your script to stop the motors e.g
      on spacebar
      set motorl to 20
      set motorr to 20
      wait until Ultra8 < 50
      set motorl to 0
      set motorr to 0

      • Hi Simon,

        Thanks for the reply. I only just noticed it. I tried the Ultrasonic sensor out this evening. When I ran the Scratch GPIO 5devplus icon the Ultra8 did not appear in the sensor block, but when I went back to my script in ScratchGPIO5plus it was there. Tried it out and it worked perfectly!

        I am probably wrong. I would double check that I am not mistaken, but I need to recharge the batteries after racing it around the front room and not crashing in to things this time.

        Also, when I set both motor values to 70, one went forward and the other backward. Maybe I wired it up incorrectly, but just changed one value to a negative number and then they both went forward.

        I just wish I had time to let my pupils try it out, but I will have to wait until September.

        Thanks again for your great site!

        Frank Streeter

  2. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the fantastic site.

    I am trying the sonar settings on the Pizazz and it only returns values 1-4 (4 being far away and 1 being close). I have tried your dev setup as well with the “ultra8” and get the same. Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?


    • That’s usually been very reliable but those ultras are cheap so you might have a duff one. I’ll check coffee out later though
      No need to use dev
      And of course check your wiring 🙂

      • Hmmm… I’m happy with my wiring (checked and double-triple checked) but I also have a problem with the line sensors in that they always respond as “on” regardless of what is under them. Not sure where to go here.

  3. Just to confirm one thing. I tried the sample “sonar” python script and this gives the correct distances, which implies that the wiring and the ultra is OK

      • HI Simon,

        I have the sonar setting working now (not sure what I did…) but it gives the correct distance. But I can’t get the line detectors working using the “left” and “right” sensor variables. I know they work OK because I can link them up with a PiBrella and it all is fine. Any ideas?

      • power up my pizazz and line sensors working fine so if they are working with Pibrella (intersted to know how you connected them to a Pibrella given that there is no gnd connection available 🙂 then I;d suggest that its a wiring issue on Pizazz
        Do they light up when you move you hand underneath them?


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