Temperature Sensor (DS180)

A DS180 temp sensor can be plugged into any pin and by using

Broadcast GetTemp

ScratchGPIO will read the temperature value and return it as sensor value temperature

11 thoughts on “Temperature Sensor (DS180)

  1. Hi. Not sure if I have this correctly set up to do this. I have the DS180 connected and working such that I get a reading through a lx terminal command, but can’t get it to work

    In Scratch GPIO5 I broadcast “GetTemp”, wait a couple of secs but there is no sensor value “temperature” on the drop down list for the sensor. DIst, time, pin7, 8 etc but not temperature. What am I missing or not doing???!

    This is the final piece in a jigsaw which I am keen to keep within Scratch but really need a way of reading from the DS180

    Thanks in advance, Jon

  2. Hi – thanks for the reply. Yes plugged into pin 7 (GPIO4) and it reads fine outside of Scratch so I can only assume I am doing something wrong within Scratch or using a version of ScratchGPIO5 which is different although I downloaded your most recent. Should I be seeing temperature in the sensing drop down list along with light, sound, tilt, distance etc?

  3. Have you got any detailed instructions what to connect to where for this? Basically I have not used PI yet but do use Scratch and a long time ago I wrote a VB prog to read the temp of a series of DS180 temp sensors. Looking to get a Pi and do both. Can the Pi read more than one temp sensor at a time in Scratch?

    • I’ve only got one sensor so haven’t explored more than one – send me one and I’ll try it 🙂

      I plugged mine into pin7 and it worked fine 🙂
      My background handler is written in Python – so if Python can do > 1 – then I can as well 🙂


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