How to use AddOn Boards with ScratchGPIO

To use an AddOn board with Scratch GPIO – launch ScratchGPIO 5Plus  rather than the normal one (They will both work fine but the plus version won’t clutter up the sensor section with unused pin names)

AddOnLadderTo specify which board you’ve got plugged in, goto Variables section and create variable called AddOn and drag it across and enter the name of the AddOn.

The current list of supported AddOns names are:

Berry, FishDish, gPio, HapPi, Ladder,  MotorPiTx, Pi2Go, PiDie,  PiRingo, PiRoCon, PiRoConB, PiGlow, PiBrella, Pizazz, RasPiBot2, RGBLed, RTKRPiMCB and SimPie

Some i2c based AddOns (e.g Adafruit PCF8591 ADC/DAC Board) are automatically detected and can be used all the time in addition to anything else plugged into your Pi

For full examples of how to use the AddOns – see the other menu items on this site

4 thoughts on “How to use AddOn Boards with ScratchGPIO

  1. Simon, been reading your blog in awe …. quick q: If I wanted the GPIO capabilities of ScratchGPIO combined with the capabilities of BYOB – would both work together as upgrades to standard Scratch, or would I have to choose one over the other?

    • BYOB works fine. Don’t have a simple launcher but if you run LX terminal.
      cd /home/pi/scratchgpio5
      sudo python scratchgpio_handler5.she
      Leave that up BYOB and then right-click 2nd last sensor block and enable Remote Sensor Connection and your up and running.
      Note current BYOB implementation exits on file save.

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